Rob’s Bike Park Wales Prep Session

Rob has been riding for years but wanted to know why his confidence has gradually waned and why his cornering wasn’t on point. Also, why does he feel like he is just hanging on at trail centres like Bike Park Wales.

I ran him through a skills check to identify for both of us why it was going wrong and I rebuilt his riding from there.

Drops, jumps, pumping, wall rides, tabletops and berms were all ridden and linked together too after the all important demonstrations from me.

Great session

Mark’s One to One

Mark wanted to overcome some confidence issues in his riding repertoire and my task was to identify why this was happening and it didn’t take me long.

I found his positioning was out and I made some small adjustements to his physical skill set as well as his bike and that made a huge difference.

I was able to work on Mark’s mental skills and made him aware of what he was doing on his bike technique wise.

Looking and body position , once corrected makes everything simpler and the mental skills blossom as a result.

Drops, corners, pumping, jumping, drop offs and riding over obstacles were all covered and demonstrated of course.

The gap In Doug’s Riding

Doug first came to me for coaching 4yrs ago and wanted to return to find out why he is comfortable jumping tabletops but not gaps. I laid the outline for the session in my head and worked on the subtle change in his riding techniques and that made a huge difference.

We began with riding over obstacles to enable him to feel the difference in his usual technique and to create a conscious change for him. I drops and tabletops were next before moving to gap jumping. It was awesome to see the smile on his face when he sailed over the first gap jump as he understood what he had done technically and that really made a difference mentally.

Retro Mtb Session

Chris found my mountain bike skills coaching via surfing the internet and reading recommendations. He wanted to get more flow and control of his 1996 Specialised Stumpjumper. “It’s not about the bike dude” I told him when he arrived and the session grew and grew from that moment.

I broke his physical skills down and rebuilt his riding back by small adjustments that I explained and demonstrated.

Riding over obstacles such as logs and rocks, drops, jumps, drop offs and corners were all covered as was the all important pumping technique too.