Tom And Phil’s xc Skills

Tom and Phil race xc and wanted to get better and more fluid in their riding repetiore.

I put them through my skills check and explained the outline for the session and it all grew from there.

I worked on their positioning, looking and footwork and we then applied the techniques I teach to various sections and trails. Drops, pumping, riding over obstacles, steep drop offs and cornering were all easier and faster as a result

Andrea Begins Her MTB Journey

I have coached Andrea’s partner Peter before and he bought her a voucher for a private one to one session with me so that Andrea could start off her mtbing on the right foot.

She wanted to feel less scared and understand what she had to do and why. What a change it was as she used her new skills sets and applied them to drops, pumping, cornering, rock gardens, riding over obstacles and steeps too!

Louis Learns To Fly

Louis came to me after reading about my sessions on a mountain bike forum. He had a back ground in motor cross and wanted to understand what he was doing on a bike and get to grips with jumping again.

I broke his riding right down and rebuilt it, piece by piece and the difference
was incredible. Drops, tabletop and gap jumps, cornering, steeps, wall rides and linking trail sections smoothly were all simple and efficient.

A Return Session

I have coached Mel, her husband Darren and friend Jason before and they returned all wanting to improve and with different issues in their riding. I had to help Melanie get over her broken arm on holiday in the Alps and get Darren more comfortable with drops and also Jason too.

I built the session by bringing it to the basic levels needed to correct physical errors and then build the mental skills from there.

Paul’s 2nd E-bike Session

I first coached Paul last month and he returned to build on that session and to work on his jumping and flow.

I began gradually and built upon the previous session and worked on his mental skills set. He’d hoped to ride some more gap jumps and that wish was soon granted but the session was so much more! Steeps, linking drops into gaps and flowing through jumps and even beginning to tweak the bike mid air too.

I can’t wait to see him gain and push it on again.