Mik And Sarah’s Session

Mik and Sarah have been riding for years and wanted to learn to handle jumps and drops, but also to understand why.

I broke down their skills sets and adjusted their set ups before moving on to applying a new skill set to their riding. Footwork, looking and positioning were all tweaked and moulded until things began to happen and I built on that. I think the pics and vids tell the story perfectly.

Mark’s 2nd Session

Mark returned for another session of the year and wanted to work on steeper stuff and getting over obstacles whilst climbing too. I worked on his weaker left hand turns too and we then pieced together both sessions learning.

Using a section of trail, I worked on him becoming faster with technique and he shaved lots of time through 3 sections by linking them effectively.

I’m looking forward to his next session.

Ally And the Hitchin Boys

I have coached Ally last year and he wanted to return, this time bringing Alex, Rowan and Danny with him.

I broke down their set up and skills sets before rebuilding them into being more comfortable and confident riders.

Drops, steeps, berms, riding obstacles, Gaps and linking sections of trail together were all covered. The pics speak for themselves.

Another Session With The Gatwick Boys

Colin, Tom, Andy and Tony have been to me twice previously and returned with Ian for a skills session. I had to work on positioning and footwork mostly today and also the head game.

The session consisted of Tabletop jumps, style, riding obstacles, drops and gaps and linking them all together.

Tom From Australia Pt2

So today was a follow on session from part one yesterday. I spent time first up reinforcing the things we covered yesterday and soon he was primed and ready to push on further.

I then moved into linking jumps with short run ups between so Tom could really focus on the separation of techniques. I worked more on his mental skill set today and he applied them to riding woodwork, Narrow run up drops, steeps and linking sections even more.

What a fantastic two days it was and Tom ended the session happy and knowing what to work on and why.

Tom From Australia Pt1

Tom has come over from Australia for two consecutive sessions. I coached Tom 3 yrs ago on a singletrack skills public session and he returned for more coaching.

I capitalised on his sporting background to really reinforce his skills set physically and mentally.

I covered lots of different applications of the skills today, from riding over logs to riding gap jumps. I was able to show him why he was loosing his front wheel on left hand turns as well as linking jumps together too.

Tomorrow , I will build on the awesome foundation we built today.

A 3rd Session For Max

Today was Max’s 3rd session and he wanted to develop his riding further as he’d already progressed to large gap jumps but found he sometimes lost control during flight.

I isolated his technique error and he understood why it was happening then I was able to gradually move him through linking gap jumps together and judging speed and distance.