The Henley Boys

What a session today turned out to be. Jack, Tom, Rich, Gary, Sam and Ben arrived and I started to work on their physical skills and then applying them to the techniques required in various situations found commonly on trails. We had laughs and fun but everyone learned what and why things happen on the trails and the effect they have.

Gaps,wall rides, berms, tabletops, woodwork drops and gaps, steeps and linking sections together were all on the menu. Another fantastic Friday

Bob Gets His Wings

Bob wanted a one to one session with myself so he could focus on the things that scare him on his bike. He started mtbing in his 50’s and is keen to learn from the position of a complete beginner, or so he thought.

I made some small adjustments to his bike and placed a skill set into his mind and body. What a difference it all made. He was jumping tabletops and a gap jump in just over an hour after learning to apply the same skill set to riding over obstacles. I think the pictures and video show how it went.

Rachel And Tom’s Session

Rachel and Tom wanted to understand the why and what to do in their mountain biking. I broke their skills right down and rebuilt them, focusing on body positioning and looking and then applying those to the techniques required in mountain biking.

They wanted to learn cornering and drops but I was able to do more than that as I showed them steep drop offs, jumps, pumping and linking berms together to.

Andy From Austrailia

Andy lives in Perth, Australia and wanted to have some mountain bike skills coaching from me whilst visiting family over here.

Andy wanted to work on cornering technique and jumps and drops, but first I had to work on his physical skill set and correct his footwork, looking and positioning.

The mental skills set laid the framework of choice of what to ride and why on trails and the session went from strength to strength.

An E-bike’s Session

Nigel and Grant ride e-bikes and wanted to learn to control them more in corners and also learn to do drops on them. I adjusted their set ups and made the necessary adjustments to their skills sets by working on positioning, footwork and looking. I think the pictures tell the story of the session better than I.

Ben’s Skills Session

Ben has a background in roller hockey and skateboarding and has recently been bitten by the mountain bike bug. He wanted to gain the illusive flow of a trail and maybe learn to jump, but the session was way more than that as I was able to use his experiences from other sports and apply them to this sport.

Graham’s Session

Graham wanted to work on his riding all round. The skills check showed the weakness he has in right turns and also his technique for jumping needed isolating and correcting. From there,I built the session.