Father And Son Learn To Fly

Mark and his son Oisan made the journey across from Wales for a mountain bike skills session with me after hearing recommendations.

I began by correcting their physical skill sets and then I worked on their head game. Cornering was a huge thing to work on and they got better and better as well as riding wall rides, gaps, tabletops and drops.

Fiona’s Session

Fiona has taken up mountain biking recently after years of competing in horse riding and track days on a motor bike. I was able to use her muscle memory from her horse riding in particular to really develop her riding, especially cornering.

Gen and Rich

I coached Genevieve 7yrs ago and wanted to return for a session as she felt bad habits had crept back in and her mate Richard joined her. I broke down their mental and physical skills and worked on their missing skills and it all clicked together nicely.

Kelvin, Paul And Mick Go Boom!

I coached Kelvin back in May and he returned along with two riding buddy’s Mick and Paul. I ran them all through my skills check and positioning in all areas needed working on before I could move them through the session. What a session it was! Wall rides, tabletop and gap jumping, cornering, riding over obstacles to name just a few.