Barclays Bank Session

11 Guys from Barclays bank arrived as arranged . I’d coached some of the guys before and they all wanted to have a session together and enjoy their time together. I moved them gradually through the skills set and techniques I teach and they all improved loads. Some had the things I taught them before really cemented in their riding and others explored the real possibilities in their riding. Great day guys!

Fantastic Friday

Tim and Dan ride Friston forest and heard about my coaching and wanted to come for a mountain bike skills coaching session to work on their jumping and cornering.

I had to work hard on their footwork and positioning in all aspects of their techniques and then we applied the all important mental skills into the mix. Boy, what a session.

Jon’s Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Session

Jon wanted to further his riding and came to me this time for coaching after seeing my skills tips videos on youtube. The skills check showed me the areas in his physical skill set that needed correcting and it didn’t take Jon long to begin to self diagnose errors. Foot placement and body position were the words of the day for this session .

A Ladies Session

Shu and Emm came to me for a beginner mountain bike skills coaching session. I was able to work on their mental skills once I made them aware of the physical skills of positioning, looking and foot positioning.

Otto And Deb’s

Otto and his wife Deb’s wanted to come to me after hearing from his friends bout going to see the Jedi (my nickname). The skills check showed looking,footwork and positioning needed correcting and that would then allow them to explore the mental skills in their riding.

Rob’s Session

Rob wanted to understand jumping so I broke the phases down for him but only once I’d isolated the techniques involved. I worked on footwork and positioning in all ares of his riding and what a change it was.