The session started as always with the skills check, where Tony and I uncover a skills set within the riders, and make any necessary corrections here. We shortly moved onto the drop technique, where Tony explained the mechanics of riding a drop, whilst I demonstrated. We also gave them a mental skills set, and quickly had them using this within there riding. Before long, everyone was riding off the largest of the three drops, and landing perfectly. Some even began to make it look nice in the air. We then did a bit of work on cornering, using a grassy slope, and again Tony explained the mechanics whilst I demonstrated. we talked more about the physical skills set, and everyone could soon see how this would have a huge effect on their cornering technique. we then applied this by linking drops into corners, which everyone rode with more comfort and control than ever before. We had a quick break for lunch, before moving them onto the tabletop. Here we controlled their speed, so they could find a speed that they were comfortable, and be able to jump a certain distance. There was also the option of 6ft gap jump which they could choose for them selves if they wanted to ride it, using there new mental skills set. Our session ended on the pump and jump trail, where we explained and then demonstrated what we wanted them to achieve, and soon everyone was riding the trail top to bottom, choosing what sections to pump, jump, and some began to manual, but mental tiredness soon brought our session to an end. Great session guys!

Tony (@ukbikeskills) and Nath (@ukbike_nath)

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