We started off by doing a simple check to see what skills each rider had, and which ones we needed to work on. We also made any set changes here, before moving onto drops. We talked through the mental side of riding and how the mental skills set should be used properlly. Everyone was soon landing perfectly off of a drop of their choosing. We worked on corner, and linking drops into corners next, which we followed with the fly out, where we explained the beginnings of jumping, before moving over to the tabletop. Here we just repeated the technique they already know, and we controlled their speed, and they all began landing on the down slope, and some rode the gap jump too. Our session finished on the pump trail, where they began pumping and jumping sections of their choice, and linking these with two corners to finish off.
Great session today guys!
Tony (@ukbikeskills)
Nath (@ukbike_nath)