Pete, Anna, Laura, Jim, George, Justin and Chris turned up as arranged and I began working on their footwork, looking and body positioning as I found them missing these skills during my skills check.
 I worked on their mental and physical skills on the drop technique before we even got onto the skills trail.
 We then began working on linking 14 sections of a trail together using their new skills sets and before long they were riding the trail end to end. Rock gardens, steps, absorbing, pumping and drop offs were all linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns.
 We had a break and resumed with linking 2 berms together and gaining speed from them and also on more advance pumping on the sections of the trail before them. Soon they were riding smoother and faster than before and for some , myself and Nathan demonstrated manuals too as an option on the trail.
Finally, we worked on riding steeper terrain and dropping into near vertical drop offs and they decided whether to ride each section using their mental skills questions.
Awesome session!!!