We met as arranged at Woburn Sands and proceeded to go through the skills health check where I find out what the rider does naturally and without instruction. I look for a specific set of skills to be present and then work from there installing the ones that are missing.
Dave pushed his bike naturally but pulled at the end of the technique which I corrected. We then moved onto mtb techniques themselves. We worked on pumping and unweighting the bike, the drop technique and even the climbing technique. We then moved onto the main trail and worked on looking into the next,footwork and bodywork in corners. We worked our way down the trail in sections and Dave’s confidence and commitment grew. We then rode the whole trail that ended with a black graded drop (1 meter). Dave was flowing down the trail and felt faster.
I ended the day with Dave as always giving him my commitment of constant feedback on his future rides and I look forward to hearing of his improvements.