November 26, 2010 Tony Doyle

26th Nov public jumps and drops session.


Werner, Paul, Dom, Neil and Simon booked their places on this session to work on getting and controlling airtime on jumps and drops. 1st I worked on the technique of unweighting the front wheel and the skill set that comprises it.
We then applied it to the basic drop technique and in a short time all the riders were riding at differing speeds and landing perfectly as I worked on their mental skill set. We then worked on doing drops in a trail situation with a corner afterwards. Once again all the riders rode it perfectly.

Next I began working on jumping the tabletop and again all 5 riders were clearing it. using their mental skills, each rider choose on their own accord to move over and do the gap jump side of it.

After a quick break for drinks, we then moved onto ladder drops where I worked on the drop technique in that context. Same story here , as each rider comfortably used their physical and mental skill set to land perfectly. To cap our day we moved onto a larger gap jump and worked on speed management and body position to fly controlled and ride away smoothly and even though at the start of the day not one of the riders thought they would, all of them rode it.

This really capped a great session and we ended our day there with smiles all round. I am still smiling now as I write this.
High5 guys!

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  1. Me too 🙂 ! I had an awesome day and clearing the log jump easily at the end was completely unbelievable. There’s no way I would have even dreamt I could have done this 4 hrs later when we started.
    You are the don!

    Paul FYI: our forum is at You’re welcome any time.

  2. Dom

    Excellent Day Tony, thanks again !!
    As Neil said, I never would have thought we’d be clearing that by the end of the day.
    Quite frankly the best money I have ever spent on biking period !
    Thanks and will see you again

  3. Thanks Tony,
    It was a brilliant day, I can only echo Dom’s and Neils comments, in that its the best money I’ve spent on anything bike related! So much so that the money I was going to spend on some silly adjustable seatpost is going on some more coaching!
    See you in the new year!
    Let me know if your ever coaching in corby!

  4. Paul

    Thanks Tony,

    I really enjoyed the drops and jumps course, i now have more confidence and left the day on a real high, i agree this was the best money i have spent on biking and will be back!

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