This morning everyone turned up as arranged and the weather held off so myself and Nathan could run everyone through the skills check and make the set up changes necessary. We found footwork, looking and body positioning skills were collectively missing so we began putting everything right.
 We began with a body positioning correction exercise to enhance their corning before moving onto the trail itself. Pumping was used to gain speed and we linked a berm, flat corner, rock garden and two further corners into the mix.

 It wasn’t long before we moved down the trail and We worked on pumping and absorbing undulations on the trail and linked in a corner with a stepped exit , drop offs and a berm to flat turn.
 I worked on the 4 mental questions I teach that enable riders to overcome the mental blocks on trails and soon they were riding the trail end to end.

14 sections were now being linked together on the trail by their correct braking zones and any errors were self diagnosed too! Everyone’s riding came on in leaps and bounds throughout the session and the session came to a close as they became mentally tired. I ended the session with a riding demonstration to show the same skills and techniques in my own riding on the woodwork.
 Great session!