We began with the skills check where we worked on the physical skills within everyones unweighting technique. We moved onto drops where we explained the mental side of it, and demonstrated before letting them have a go. They where all riding off the largest drop shortly after, landing perfectly. We worked on cornering and then linking drops into corners. After a quick break we used the middle of the trail to work on jumping, and then transfered this over to the table top and gap jump. We worked on the pump trail, where we worked ob pumping the sections in order to jump others, and worked on manuals with others too. We linked this to two corners, and some used their mental skills set to ride the ladder gap jump which followed. As we neared the end of our session. We showed them a larger a gap jump. A couple of riders from the group answered yes to their mental questions and rode it well. The session came to an end due to tiredness, but what a great session it was today guys. Cheers!
Tony (@ukbikeskills)
Nath (@ukbike_nath)