Everyone arrived as planned, so we began the skills check as usual where I discovered that I needed to collectively work on looking and body positioning. After explaining what was needed, and making the necessary set up changes, we moves into the drop technique. Here I introduced the mental skills set, and they individually used them in order to ride a drop of their choice comfortably, some feeling more air beneath their wheels than ever before. After a quick cornering exercise, we
moved to linking the drop technique into a corner. Everyone began rising the corner faster and faster, while still being in control. I then showed them to jump, using a fly out on a other section of the trail. We then moved onto the table top where I controlled everyone’s speed individually, so they could all find there own clearance point. I then showed them another trail, with sections where they began to choose whether to jump, pump, and some even began to manual the sections. Everyone was riding this trail, and it linked to a section with 3 larger table tops, and some wooden ladder gap jumps, where each rider used there new mental skills set to decide which line to choose. Our session came to an end here due to mental tiredness. Great session guys!
high 5!
Tony and Nath.