First I’d like to say I can’t rotate the blog picks from my blackberry. Now the session blog, I met Lorraine, and both Sarah’s as arranged and I ran them though my skills check and found I had to work collectively on their footwork, looking and body positions in all areas and i made some set up changes to help this.
 We began with drops and they applied their new skills, both mental and physical to the technique and landed perfectly. All commented on how it was easier than ever before and they knew why!
Onto the skills trail and I worked on linking the 14 sections on the trail by their identified control areas. Flat. switchback, off camber and bermed corners were linked to pumping, fly out jumps, rock gardens, steps and drops. I moved them down the trail gradually, always adding the new to the previous sections and before they knew it they were riding the whole trail end to end. Their skill sets shone through as they used line choose to link drops into corners and braked correctly and they were smoother, faster and more controlled than ever before.

I could see that they were beginning to tire mentally but they had some left in them so I moved onto jumping the 6ft tabletop, in a few small moves they were all up in the air and in total control. If mental fatigue hadn’t got hold of them , they would have all cleared it but only 2 of them did and they did over again! Sarah’s body positioning was something that took me a long time to correct and i can’t wait for her next session and to see her finally sail over it too.
I’m still buzzing.