Sarah, Rob, Mark, Ian, Alan, Graham and Peter arrived as arranged and myself and Nathan wasted no time in putting the riders through part of my skills check that relates to drops and jumps. I found between them they had footwork, body positioning and looking skills missing and after a set up change we moved on to the drops sections.

 I worked on the physical and mental skills sets here and soon they all began landing perfectly. I moved them onto the end of a trail to work on basic cornering so they could begin to link the drop technique into corners.

 Things were going well and continued to do so.

After a break, we moved onto the jump technique on a fly out to flat jump before moving onto a 6ft tabletop and gap jump for those who’s mental skills questions added up to yes for.

All 7 riders got airbourne and some even rode the 6ft gap jump too. awesome stuff!
 For our final application of the skills set, we moved onto pumping and jumping so each rider had to generate their own speed using the pump technique to be able to jump a 9ft tabletop.
 Our session ended soon after to cold beers and smiles all round.
 Great session!