Everyone arrived as planned, so we began the session with the skills check where we discovered that collectively we needed to work on body positioning and looking. After explaining what was needed, and making a few set up changes, we moved onto the drop technique. Here we explained the mental skillset, and soon, everyone was riding of the drops more comfortably than before. We then done a little bit of work on cornering, and linking drops into corners. We stopped for lunch, and when we resumed, we went straight onto the tabletop, where we managed everyone’s speed so we could match their jump technique to a given speed. We then worked on the pump jump trail where they had to pump to generate enough speed
in order to be able to clear a 9ft tabletop. We then showed them a 9ft gap jump where they used their new mental skill sets to choose whether to ride it or not. Our session ended riding a 15ft tabletop, where they managed their own speed to
jump a given distance.
Great session guys!
high 5!