Everyone arrived by 10 oclock, so we started our session with the skills check, filling in the missing skills within each riders skill set, and also made some set up changes to their bikes. We moved onto the drops, where we explained the importance of having a complete mental skills set to accompany their physical one. Soon everyone was riding off the largest drop, some feeling air beneath their wheels for the first time. We then worked on a bit of cornering with an exercise using a grassy slope, and then started to link their new techniques together, linking drops into corners. We next worked on jumping, we began on a fly out at first, and quickly moved onto the table top once everyone had the technique. Here we managed their speed individually to start working them across the jump. Some even rode the gap jump too. Our session ended on the pump and jump, where we worked on pumping in order to jump certain sections, and how to carry speed through the whole trail.

Nice one guys!

Tony (@ukbikeskills)

Nath (@ukbike_nath)