Robin, Sarah, Mark and Max made the journey down from Derby and over a coffee we chatted of their aspirations and expectation in their riding. I began with the skills check and found body and looking faults. I made the necessary set up changes and set to work.
We began with drops and I went through the physical and mental skills and why they apply in this technique. After a demonstration, they all agreed to have a go. They all commented on how easy it all felt now as their new body positioning and looking paid off and they were landing perfectly. Sarah was worried but in no time she had it dialed too.

We moved onto the skills trail and I worked on their cornering and gave them body position correction exercises to allow them to control and feel grip and then we applied it in the corners on the trail. Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns were linked to steps, pump bumps, rock gardens, drops and fly out jumps. I broke the trail down so we could focus on the trail in small segments before finally linking them all together using the identified braking areas. each top to bottom run was smoother and faster than before and any error was identified by the rider themselves as they now know why it feels wrong when errors were made. I could see they were tiring mentally so we had a break for food and drink before resuming with our final technique of the session, jumping tabletops.

seeing them all get up in the air was awesome. the smiles on their faces when they got airborne was a picture and Robin and mark used their mental skills to decide to ride and clear the 6ft gap jump side too!
Amazing session and I can’t wait to hear of their future riding exploits.