James, Scott,Mike and Hugh came to me for a private group session and wanted to work on cornering but also jumping and dealing with airtime too.
The skills check revealed the areas that needed work and after a few set up changes and the missing skills corrected we then went and applied them on the trails.
We worked on drops and body position and looking in flight and I was able to work on moving the bike in the air to begin to style it.
We went onto the trail and worked on pumping, flat , bermed, switchback and off camber corners, rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drops. We worked down the trail methodically and linked each section to the next using the identified braking areas and soon it began to flow.
We worked hard on footwork, looking and body position to enable them to ride at the speed they wanted to but couldn’t previously attain.
I worked on carrying speed through drops into corners and also line choice.
with each complete run of the entire trail they flowed smoother and faster.

We left the trail and moved onto the tabletop jump and the gap jump side of it too. All four riders sailed over it with ease and Scott and James began styling over it and Mike and Hugh landed their first ever gap jumps too!
Finally. we moved onto a 9ft gap jump and the boys used their mental skill set to decide yes or no to riding it. Scott and James said yes and 3 or 4 times sailed over it smoothly.
Our session ended with a cold beer and smiles all round.
Awesome session.