We began our session with the skills checks where i discovered that John has a pretty natural skills set, the only exception being looking, which i drastically had to work on. We moved onto drops where i explained the technique required and also gave him a mental skills set to work with. He was soon landing perfectly off the largest drop. We worked on cornering next, we linked three berms together, and then took it to the next level of linking drops into corners. He began to flow through these two sections and each run got quicker and had more fluidity. We moved up the trail to work on jumping, and then we moved over tomthe tabletop, where i controlled speed in order to have him landing perfectly on the down slope. We moved up to the pump jump trail where he was working on gaining speed through pumping certain mounds on the trail. We also rode the larger tabletop at the bottom. Our session came to an end back on the tabletop, where John used his mental skills to ride the gap jump next to it.

Nice work John, think arms!

Nath (@ukbikenath)