Dan, Lee, Dave, Colin and Andy all came to me for a private group session to work on their overall riding. I identified the missing skills and also what was already a natural action during my skills check before moving onto the drop technique. All five of the lads rode all three drops landing both wheels perfectly. I even had time to teach Lee how to begin to move the bike in the air.

Next, we moved onto the trail and we worked hard on body position in corners as well as footwork and looking. I demonstrated the correct braking areas and where sections begin and end. We worked on flat, bermed , switchback and off camber corners. Steps, pumping, rocks, Jumping and linking drops into corners. Gradually we worked our way down the trail reinforcing the previous as we went and before you knew it we were riding the complete trail. The trails energy was there to be used and they all used the trails energy where they could instead of their own and really began flowing down the trail. I also went through the psychological skill set too and this was used when we went to look at the alpine switchbacks. I don’t get to coach these to everyone as they have common fears attached to them but recognising what and why you are afraid is a massive step in over coming them. using footwork and looking to great effect, Lee rode them smoothly. We ended our session there and I demonstrated the skill set in another context by riding a fast high line on the north shore where the riders could see speed control, looking, footwork and body position working and they all could see it clearly.
A truly awesome group session!