The seven riders made their way to me from Dorset way and on meeting them Myself and Nathan ran them through the skills check and it was there that we found foot,body position and looking skills were missing so we changed their set ups and showed them why we did this. They all said they immediately felt more in control and so we moved onto the drop sections to apply both the mental and physical skill sets to this technique. I demonstrated all 3 drops for them and then they had a go. they all began landing perfectly and after a good few goes we moved onto the skills trail.
 Pumping was the first technique and I showed why this enabled riders to gain speed through undulations on the trail and we used this speed to ride the following berm, flat corner. I added the rock garden and 2 more corners in quite quickly and they soon began riding smoother, faster and more controlled. Any errors were identified by the missing skills and they now knew why it went right or wrong.
 We had a break and resumed with adding a fly out jump, corner, step , corner, drop and a berm into the trail. I showed why line choice was so important when linking drops into corners and soon they were riding the trail end to end and loving it.
 We moved onto the pump and jump trail and both myself and  Nathan demonstrated pumping the sections on the trail and whether to choose to pump or jump. Each rider got to grips with it after a while so rather than waste more energy on it we  moved onto steep drop offs and also steep drops into corners. Their new mental skills were used to decide whether to ride sections or not rather than bravado and It was awesome to see them smiling at their new found confidence.
 Our session ended as mental and physical tiredness showed and We gave them a tour of the herts woodwork to end the session.
 I cannot wait for your riding updates!

 PS, blogger wont load these pics the right way up but I thought i’d post them up anyway 🙂