All riders turned up as arranged and I made the necessary set up changes and the skills check showed me where I needed to work individually with them. I could see that I could show why the skills set, both mental and physical apply to the drop technique so we did that first. They were all blown away at the ease of the technique and smiling, we moved onto the singletrack itself.

Pumping, cornering through berms, flat, off camber and switchback turns were linked via the correct braking areas to rock gardens, steps, upslopes and drops.

I worked on braking areas and line choice, particularly when linking drops into corners.

The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the riders nor myself and Nathan, between us we did the demonstrations and he assisted me in the feedback on each run of each rider.

I could see they were tiring mentally but I wanted to get a bit more from the session for them so after a break I moved onto riding steep drop offs and here the riders used their mental skills questions again to decide whether they can or shouldn’t ride a section.
Our session ended soon after to smiles all round.
Great session with great company guys, thank you.