The session started as usual with the skills checks where I discovered that I mainly had to work on looking and body positioning. Everyone quickly understood what was needed, and after some set up changes, we moved onto the drop technique. Here I gave everyone a mental skills set in which to use in their riding, and soon everyone was riding off a drop of their choice with more confidence and control than ever before, some feeling air beneath their wheels for the first time. We then done a little bit of work on cornering, and then linked drops into corners, so they could practise their new found techniques. We then moved onto the tabletop, where I controlled everyone’s speed individually in order to give them the speed they needed in order to jump a given distance. We then moved onto the pump and jump trail where they now had to pump through a number of sections and had to gain their own speed to be able to jump. Our session finished with everyone riding the trail top to bottom, choosing whether to pump, jump and some even began to manual through the sections.
Great session guys!
Tony and Nath.