Chris had been on a public jumps and drops session with us before, and returned today to brush up on his technique in this area. I took him straight onto drops to see what skills were remaining from last time. What I had to work on now was his timing and matching his effort to how fast he entered. He was beginning to understand what I was looking far, and was able to fee when it felt right, and knew any mistakes he was now making.

We moved straight over to the tabletop, and again I managed his speed and had him adjust his effort, and as I slowly increased his speed, he was jumping further, and soon clearing the 6ft tabletop.

After lunch, we looked at steeper sections. Body position was one thing I didn’t have to correct with Chris, and he quickly overcame any mental trepidation on the two sections I showed him, and rode them perfectly.

We moved back onto the pump and jump trail. We used the first three sections to begin with were had had maintain his speed through the first two sections, and then jump the third. He was doing this nicely, but he was beginning to feel tired, so he had a couple of runs down the whole trail, jumping sections of his choice, and enjoying being in the air.

Nice one Chris. Explode!

Nath (@ukbikenath)