Adrian, Claire, Matt, Lisa, Paul, Adrian, Stu and Jon turned up as arranged and as ever,Nathan and  I began by putting them through my skills check which shows me collectively the areas that need work within their individual skills sets. We made some set up changes and set to work. We worked on the drop technique and all of them were getting airtime from the word go and from there we moved to the skills trail to work on their fluidity and link 14 sections that are contained on the trail together.
 I worked on riding different types of corners and pumping, rock gardens, absorbing up slopes, steps and drop offs. We moved down the trail and after demonstrations by myself and Nath, we worked down the trail methodically, always adding the previous sections to the newest. Before  long they were riding the whole trail end to end and knowing why it was correct or not and knowing why! For our final application of both mental and physical skills we moved to riding steeper terrain and the required body positioning. Here their new set up really hit home as they used their mental skills to decide whether or not to ride the sections we demonstrated to them. Those who did ride them were blown away by the ease of it all . mentally, I could see they were tiring so our session came to a close to keep them as safe.
Awesome session, high5!