Greg turned up as arranged for his session and over a coffee we chatted about his aspirations with his riding and I gave him an outline for our day. During the skills check I discovered the missing skills and found he had perfect foot positioning but had body positioning and looking faults.

We moved onto the drops and applying his new mental and physical skill set. The effect was quite profound as he was landing perfectly on all 3 drops and the smile on his face never left.
We moved onto the skills trail and worked on linking the fourteen sections on it together.
Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns were linked to pump bumps, drops, rock gardens, fly out jumps and steps.

I showed why the skill set applies in every technique we covered and that included pumping, which Greg got to grips with and linked it to half the trail and his new skills meant he was starting to travel fast!
As we moved down the trail piece by piece we always added the previous sections to it and before long we were linking drops into corners too.

It soon came time to ride the trail end to end and Greg got faster and faster but always in control. Any errors were identified by himself now.
We moved off the trail to the 6ft tabletop and I worked hard on Greg’s mental skills to enable him after a while to sail into the air and land on the transition, 6ft away.

I then used part of another trail to develop his pumping the trail to generate speed to jump and he really connected with it and his speed was increasing as it should with each pump.
To end our session I showed why his new skills could be used to ride over logs/fallen trees. Our session ended after over 5 hours with smiles all round. Great improvements Greg and I can’t wait to hear your updates on your future rides.