Rachel came down from North Yorkshire for her session  and during a coffee we chatted of her past experiences and aspirations for the session.
 The skills check showed that she had great footwork but had  body positioning and looking skills missing. I changed her set up and also showed why I had done so and we set off towards the drops to apply the mental and physical skills sets to them. Rachel rode all 3 easily and her new body position made it all effortless.  Before moving tot he skills trail itself we worked on a body positioning excersise to enhance grip in corners and make turning easier . soon we were on the trail and began working on linking sections on a trail together. Pumping, rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drop offs were linked to off camber, switchback, bermed and flat corners. We had a break to give Rachel time to digest the session so far and when we continued everything began to come easier. I worked hard on line choice and braking control and any errors were self diagnosed as Rachel was now knowing why it was right or wrong.
I could see Rachel was tiring but I still wanted to show why the same skills applied to jumping tabletops too.
 I worked hard on her mental skills during the process part of the technique and soon she sailed into the air and landed perfectly on the transition 6ft away. The smile on her face was wide as a river and she followed that up with another clear too before mental fatigue finally got her. Our session ended with myself giving a riding demonstration of the same skills in use in my own riding on the woodwork at herts.
 Amazing journey today rachel.