Today myself and tony coached two friends, tony was coaching Ben, who I had previously coached, and I was coaching his friend Carlos. I began as always with the skills checks and I saw straight away that body position and looking where what Carlos was missing from his skills set. I corrected this here before we continued. We started with cornering, first on the hillside, and then linking three berms together. He was much more confident and I could see that he carried a lot more speed through the turns with his new cornering technique. I then showed him the top half of the trail, linking four tighter turns together. This involved him slowing down, and really focusing on the position his bike should be in, and also where to look when your vision is obstructed. After lunch, we looked at drops where I started by introducing a mental skills set. We then applied the same technique which we covered in the skills checks, and soon enough, he was landing perfectly off the largest of the three drops. We then worked on the bottom of the trail, linking drops into corners. I had to slow him down first in order for him to corner correctly, but before long he was flying off the largest drop here, controlling his speed and hitting the berm with speed and control. The tabletop was next, where I controlled his speed and gradually worked him further and further over it, until he was landing in the downslope perfectly. Our session ended on the steeps, where I showed him again how body position was a big factor in riding these with ease. Dropping in both straight and sideways became easy, but tiredness set in and our session came to an end.

Nice one Carlos, get forward and push that hand!

Nath (@ukbikenath)