Nicky contacted me wanting help with her all round riding as she has fears she wishes to over come. I put the through my skills check where I could see for myself the areas needing work. Now, confidence was a big issue but first I had to work on her physical skills and install the skills required that form techniques before we can do anything about her mental skill set.
We went through controlled braking and basic balance checks. It was here that I made some changes to her set up too.
So, onto techniques beginning with pumping. Nicky really got to grips with the rhythm of this technique. from there I moved us onto a corner with a roll down switched back exit which was something that is very commonly a fear factor in many riders and in a short time Nicky rode it and now her mental skills began to develop.
we then worked on steeper descents and we worked very hard on this as Nicky typically became protective in her riding language. After a short break for drink/chat I then showed Nicky how to unweight the front wheel and use her pump to begin the drop and jump techniques. and in 3 tries she had it sorted. We finally began working on her cornering and really working on her footwork and looking skills and things really began to take shape as mental tiredness showed and we called an end to a very enjoyable session!
Nicky, remember your homework and keep me informed of your progress.