John contacted me as he wanted to ride off road and being a total beginner, have the skills to deal with the terrain.
The skills check told me what I needed to know about what was missing skills wise and also what was already present. As John had a hidden gem in a natural push I began with the drop technique and John was landing both wheels together almost straight away! After few runs we moved onto cornering and linking corners together. Here we worked on John’s looking and footwork. We worked on rock gardens, steep roll downs, steep up ramps, steps, drops and controlling the trails energy.
Each technique was tackled using the physical skill set required for them and also the mental side of the skill set.
I also covered basic trail maintenance, We changed inner tubes and how to set up gears after a cable change. I also covered removal of the rear wheel which is something many riders struggle with.
The final technique we covered was a steep roll down into a corner. Here we worked on braking techniques as well as body position, footwork and of course looking.
Great session John!