I have coached Tash’s dad Pete before and he wanted to get his daughter a session for her 18th birthday as they ride together but she lacked confidence. The day arrived and sunshine greeted us as I began with my skills check and found looking and footwork were missing and this is where I began correcting the missing skills and then working on the mental skills. The session proved to be very cool as Tash’s uptake was very fast indeed as we moved to the drops to apply her new skill set to the technique required. Soon she was sailing into the air and loving how simple it all felt.
 We worked hard on cornering in many different types of turns, berms, flat, off camber and switchback turns were all ridden with the same result of control and speed of exit. I worked on pumping and carrying speed through two berms before moving to the skills trail and working on each scary section, as Tash put it before linking them all together. Rocks proved no issue, nor did steep up slopes that she felt she’d fall backwards if she rode up it, soon the fears dissipated as her control of the trail grew and grew as did her speed and smile.
 We ended our session on the 6ft tabletop, which in her wildest dreams she never thought she’d ever be able to ride and she was popping into the air beautifully. Mental fatigue soon got the better of her and we ended the session. Amazing improvements Tash and let me know how the riding goes.