We met as arranged and myself and Mark Atkins began working on the basics first. We worked on the street section and flowing around the area and riding out of a small quarter pipe and eventually riding in to the same quarter pipe. Already the session was taking off as the boys all overcame their natural nervousness and opened up to the possibilities of the session.
We then moved onto the bowl where we worked on pumping and dropping in and riding out. The bowl is larger and needed commitment and concentration to overcome and the confidence soon grew as everyone comfortably rode it.

We then moved into the foam pit area and began getting the lads comfortable with taking off and feeling what the bike does in the air before moving onto the resi ramp.

Each of them rode down the larger run in ramp and were so suprised how easily they got air.
Chris , who had been previously coached by myself wanted to ride the volcano and step up in the park so I worked with him as the others had been beaten by mental tiredness.

He easily and smoothly rode the quarter pipe and 5 times got up the step up and I know he’ll be back to nail it smoother and ride the preceding jumps too!
Great session!