December 11, 2009 Tony Doyle

A day with Jenny.

The planned group session went down to one due to illness, so i coached Jenny through a one to one. We identified the missing skills and then went on to work on her cornering technique.

She picked that up fast!

We then worked on drop off’s, where you roll down front wheel first. Ee worked on the body positioning required for this technique.

We then went on to learning the skills required for the drop technique and then we stitched the whole trail together.

Jenny, thanks for your time and what a great feeling it was for me watching how controlled you were on the trails using my teachings.

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  1. Jenny

    Thank you for a brilliant day, thoroughly enjoyed myself and your coaching style just seemed to click with me, sort of relaxed and easy going but progressive and confidence inspiring at the same time. The feeling of getting smoother and flowing with the trails is amazing and in a way more of a buzz than the adrenaline rush of just blasting straight down hills, still grinning 2 days later ! (I reckon riding the trails at about 5.30am with the sun coming up and last of the early morning mist rising would be an even bigger buzz.)
    Thanks again.
    Will be back for more next year 🙂 (after plenty of practising what you taught me)

  2. Hey ???? 2nd post is what I wrote originally then re-wrote before posting, now its here 2 days later ????

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