The Farrimond family ride together and ride in morzine too but came to me to begin to get in the air and be comfortable with it.
The skills check made sure that a push was present and showed me what was missing in the skill set. Once I had changed their bike set ups and looking, footwork and body position skills, we began with braking technique to enable them to be in control of the speed of landing and whatever comes “next”.
We moved onto the 3 drops and I worked on the mental side of riding too and they applied their push to this technique. In no time at all, they were landing perfectly. The rain was really hammering down but spirits remained high as we moved onto the pump trail where I showed why the push applies to pumping and as they generated speed along it they could begin to get some airtime. All four of them really developed nicely here but the effort tired out Ollie and Lucas quite a bit but mum and dad were going strong.
We then went to the fly out where I use the steep up slope as a jump to develop, once more the power of their individual push techniques before finally moving onto the tabletop.

Ollie sat this out as he was cold and tired, expected in an eleven year old but he had really came on nicely.
Mum, Dad and Ollie continued with the tabletop and the session ended with both Mum and Dad sailing over the 6ft tabletop and landing perfectly.
The rain brought on tiredness through cold and the mental aspect of the session but the end results were awesome.
Great session guys!