Chris, Nikki, Beth and Tom came to me as a family wanting to share a skill session so they could develop together and share the experience.
I made loads of set up changes to their bikes to enable them to be in control and to give them confidence in their control. I worked on looking and footwork with them and Taught them how and why we push to unweight the front of the bike.
We went to the drop technique as I would with anyone and we applied this push and to their amazement they rode off the drops.
We moved onto cornering and we worked heavily on this and added pumping and a rock garden to deal with and we linked them together using their entry’s and exits.
We took breaks to ensure we kept the tiredness away as long as we could. Tom really got the hang of pumping. Beth used her new riding position to feel in control all of the time and used her footwork in corners. Chris started to feel more fluid as the session progressed and he stopped over analyzing and Nikki really flew along the trail, reveling in her new skill set.
Finally we moved onto the pump trail and they all began to pump the up and down slopes and gained speed from it, even getting the wheels up in the air too.
We ended the session as tiredness crept in.
What a great session guys!