Clive contacted me for a 2 to 1 for him and his son. i had previously coached both Andrew and Robert (Clives‘ other son) before, so I knew they were progressive in their collective approach to coaching.
I began by seeing what skills were already natural during the skills check and identified both from footwork and looking into the next as missing skills.
We began by working on pumping and the disconnected bunny hop before moving onto the drop technique. Andrew was comfortable with the technique but I needed to work with Clive closely to build his mental, skills including confidence before he was flying and landing perfectly.
From there, we moved onto a trail where we worked on cornering and linking the sections on the trail together. We moved methodically down the trail, linking the 9 sections present together with more control and flow.
Clive became tired but Andrew was able to carry on for 30Min’s more as we rode the entire trail a few times working on the trails energy and how to use it.
great session guys!