Colin and his 12yr old son Henry came to me to share a skills session and to develop their riding together. The skills check revealed the missing skills and also the present natural unweight of the front wheel they both possessed.
Once set ups were changed to enhance this push technique I moved us onto the drops and with a bit a Jedi magic they began landing perfectly.
We then moved onto my skills trail and I used 9 sections of it and we worked on linking them together.
Pumping, rock gardens, fly out jumps and drops were linked to bermed, flat , off camber and switchback corners. We worked our way section by section and worked on looking and footwork heavily and they both began to flow along the trail.
After a short break, we continued and linked all 9 sections together a few times and each run became more confident and smooth as a result.
Both Henry and Colin were smiling at how the riding now felt.
I then brought them to my pump trail and worked on generating speed through mounds and jumps on a trail. both getting the wheel off the ground too in the process.
Tiredness began to appear and the session came to a natural end.
Great session and I look forward to their riding updates.