Paul had been riding nearly 20 years and when we went through the skills health check I could tell he can ride a bit. The big issue was that he rode in the “now” and not the “next”.
I set to work going through pumping, un-weighting the front and rear and that led into the disconnected bunny hop technique. I showed how this can be used for negotiating fallen trees etc. We moved throught jumping and the drop technique before working on his cornering. Paul’s footwork in corners was perfect . I could tell that in a short time I could introduce body positioning into the mix and did so. We then rode a trail end to end and Paul stitched each section together with flow and demonstrated trail energy management. We ended the day riding a tight trail where footwork and looking into the “next” is paramount and Paul got that trail too. Then off to the pub for the all important social side of riding and chatted over a beer and some chips.
Thanks Paul .