John was bought a voucher at xmas for his session and he got around to booking it during the summer. The day arrived and we met as arranged at 10am and I began installing the skill set that myself and Nathan  at  teach. I found John needed work on his looking and body positioning and I began by adjusting his set up and from there everything began to make sense to him. We moved to the three drops to work on getting air under his wheels and any trepidation was soon replaced by control and a renewed confidence as John rode all three drops , applying his mental skills as he did so.
 Next we worked on cornering and carrying speed through one, then two, followed by three berms as his new skills shone through. Onto the singletrack to apply his new skills and with some braking and line choice suggestions, John was soon flying down the trail applying his skills to each sections and smiling as he did so too. Rock gardens, steps, pumping, drops and absorbing techniques were all applied and linked with flat, off camber , switchback and bermed turns. Every run, although not perfect had any errors being self diagnosed by John as he now knew why it felt right or wrong in any section. I could see he was tiring but I wanted to develop his pumping and absorbing of trail features some more and a half hour of that saw big improvements as he understood why and where to apply the techniques. Tiredness eventually got the better of John so our session ended with a final coffee in the warm October air.