When George contacted me asking if I could coach him and three friends I explained how i would structure the day and how re-active it would be. We began with a skills health check and then after applying the missing skills to the initial climb we began the technique of pumping the trail and experimenting with unweighting the front/rear of the bike.

This led us nicely into the drop technique.
Now, George had issues he said in the past with rocky roll downs and ups so we worked on those techniques and he was suprised how easy it was and him and everyone grew in confidence and commitment.
We then linked the drop section to the next corner section and identified braking zones and soon everyone was appling their new skill set to that trail.
We then rode a natural trail and everyone was beginning to become automatic with their footwork and looking down and along the trail.
We ended the day as I usually do with clients and thats’ by the buddy method. We all took turns to be in the front on the long descent back to the bottom and everyone knew they were faster but also more controlled than before.
The day ended as it began,with blue skies and the weather changed as we all left. Another great days riding.