Some riders from got together and booked a private group session with me and as arranged we met in the car park at Woburn Sands.
I started by finding out what skills they had and then went about installing the missing skills before moving on through to their application in every technique we could cover.
We began with pumping and unweighting the bike and very quickly all the guys got to grips with it , we moved onto the disconnected bunnyhop and once again the guys lapped it up and I could tell we were in for a good day!
I then took them to the drop technique and after a couple of demonstrations from myself the guys all started to get air under their wheels and the smiles began.
We moved onto the main trail I use for coaching and broke the trail into 3 segments isolating each section and working on their cornering big time before starting to link each section together. gradually we moved down the trail and linked the top 2 segments together and the flow was evident in every one of the riders.
Finally I showed them the end of the trails sections and the guys all used their new skills to effortlessly ride the drop sections .
Now the guys were really buzzing, Five times we rode the whole trail and each time the guys stitched each section faster and will greater control.
We ended the session by going to the pub for food and beers.
Now after the grub I decided to go for a ride and the decided to join me. For the next 2 hours it was a pleasure to see the lads using their new skills set in a relaxed way and riding stuff they had thought scary previously.
A truly amazing session!