December 4, 2009 Tony Doyle

A magic day biking

Today i met Ed,Paul,Dave and Mike at woburn for a beginner/intermediate skills session.
We worked on instilling the skill set and then onto applying those skills to techniques needed on the trails.

Mike needed to work on looking through the trail

Paul never stopped smiling all day

Mike was using his new skillset well!

Dave picked up cornering quickly.

As did Ed!

we rode on til light started to fade. Great session and to the pub for coffees and chips after.

Thanks guys!

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  1. Went along to see Paul laern some new skills and had a great day – Tony was a brilliant instructor and made everything clear. Will be back with Paul and my 12 year old son to have a day of learning on the bike.
    Thanks Tony for a great day.

  2. What a great day!! Ideal weather, great group of people and an excellent instructor. Thanks for everything Tony, the adaptive pace of the instruction and the clear way everything was put across made for excellent progress for everyone through the day. I will be back to see you in the new year with russ to take on that table top!

  3. Hmm, Blogspot seems to have eaten the comment I made yesterday… Top day, couldn’t ask for more. Anyone who thinks there’s nothing left to learn is 100% OF WRONG. A hundred times better value than a new pair of tyres…

  4. I wish to thank you guys for your time and patient learning. it was an awesome day and the progress of you ALL by the end of the day and seeing you all smiling makes my time so worthwhile


  5. Anonymous

    hi smiler paul here thanks tony 4 a great day being 63 i was exhausted but happy u teachin was cool calm collected i recomend u courses 2 anyone thanks again paul

  6. Anonymous

    hi ed thanks 4 the words about me paul u made me blush????? thanks cu soon

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