The day started off quite chilly but warmed up quickly as we moved straight to the skills health check. Mark had good footwork but needed work on his speed management and looking so I began working straight away.
We worked on unweighting the front wheel and then onto the pumping technique. It did not take long for Mark to get to grips with the technique and rhythm and soon was effortlessly pumping the trail.
I then showed Mark the disconnected bunny hop and in a short while he was performing the technique and unweighting both front and rear with 2 pushes. Things we moving along nicely!
I then moved onto the drop technique and after two demonstrations, mark was landing both wheels together and riding away in a controlled manner, awesome!
Now, Marks riding doesn’t have jumping opportunities so i worked on using the skills set in climbing and mark could feel the difference it makes and could see it too as he got further than before.
We then moved onto a trail and began working on cornering and linking sections on the trail together and feeling the flow of a trail. Slowly and very methodically I broke each corner down and worked on the body positioning and looking before adding speed management into the mix and the results started to show.
We worked our way down the trail before linking all the sections together and each complete run was faster and more controlled than the last, drops just became another section and the menatl skills were flourishing.
great session mark!