Rob contacted me wanting to flow down trails more and maybe even get a little air under his wheels. On running him through the skills check I found that he pulled his bars after pushing them to get the front wheel to rise so we spent a while removing the pull from the technique and soon Rob was pushing away smoothly and unweighting the front wheel.
We then worked on pumping the trail and after some body position tweaks Rob was beginning to get the technique right only sometimes mistiming it. now I could see the pump happening we moved to drop technique and gradually worked on Rob’s mental skill set too. As we added speed to the push, Rob was landing smoothly two wheels down and the confidence began to shine through so we began doing the technique at varying speeds to build his experience.
After the drop technique we moved onto a trail and worked in detail on each section on the trail and gradually worked our way down the trail. Braking zones were identified and soon the riding became smooth and fast.
Rob had great footwork in corners and therefore we worked on his looking into the next section and his body positioning.
We ended our session after a few complete runs of the trail and a solid session came to an end.
Good session Rob