Colin and his two boys, Henry and Will came to me for a session after I suggested that Dad joined in the session that their mum had booked for them.
I Began with a simple cornering exercise followed by an exercise to unweight the front wheel and get it to rise.
Next I brought them to the top of the skills trail to work on linking 3 sections of a trail together. I worked on their foot and body positioning and looking skills and they began linking them smoothly. Will really got to grips with getting his outside foot down in corners and his confidence grew over time.

I then took them to the pump trail and I worked on their riding position and pumping to gain speed. Henry took to this like a fish to water and was soon getting air too!

In time, they were all using less pedal strokes and were getting comfortable moving their body around on the bike to follow the trails undulations. Even Dad began getting air at some stages.

We moved back to the skills trail and the time spent away from their cornering had allowed it to settle in and they all were cornering and pumping too. Harry was trying to get air anytime he felt like it.
After a braking correction exercise our session ended as they boys were growing tired and I gave them a riding demonstration of the same elements I had taught them in use on a high and fast line on the woodwork.
I really enjoyed today’s session and I look forward to their future riding updates.