Andy had previously attended2 public session with me and wanted a 1 to 1 session to focus on polishing his new skills. I could tell from our coffee conversation in the morning that he had a body positioning fault and the skills check confirmed this. I worked on Andy’s body positioning in a cornering excersise and it wasn’t long  before we were both riding the skills trail and he could feel and see the difference.
I brought Andy to a new trail to work on sections that come at the rider faster and need quicker and more precise braking. I broke it down into sections and we pieced it together later. drop offs into corners, jumps, pumping and steep drops were all linked together by their exits and entries.

  I worked on different ways of dealing with drop offs too and when we rode the trail, Andy was linking everything together with ease. Later on, I demonstrated why the skill set applied to riding alpine style switchback and we linked them into the trail too. His footwork, looking and body positioning made it simple and controlled.

Before our session ended, I worked on why Andy felt he couldn’t jump regardless of how much speed he had and I corrected it easily as it is a common error and once he was more centered it all became easy.
Our session ended as Andy was mentally knackered and we shared a beer and watched the red kites circling over head.