Russ contacted me wanting to develop his riding wherever I saw fit as he already had vast experience in riding different places but wanted to maybe push onto another level.
After the skills check I discovered that he was one sided in corners and was almost perfect in straight on sections. This meant that in terms of drops and jumps, our session was on a mental level and its application.
1st up was the drop technique. starting on a 1ft drop I ironed out the tendency to crouch on take off before moving onto the larger drop. We then moved onto the trail where I worked on Russ’s cornering heavily in flat, off camber, bermed and tight 180 degree turns. I also worked on linking sections together and trail energy management. We worked our way down the trail linking each section to the previous one until we were riding the complete trail and Russ was really flowing!

I moved onto the alpine style switchbacks and worked on his footwork and looking. Russ commented on the ease of this technique.
Next up, we moved onto the table top and I checked out Russ’s jumping style and corrected any errors before moving to the gap side. Not only was Russ jumping the gap smoothly but I was also able to begin to get him to style the jump too.

I next began to work heavily on the mental skills set as I worked on a gap jump from a half sawn tree, Watching Russ sailing over effortlessly, using his skill set was awesome but he wanted more! Now I worked on his peripheral vision fears and advanced drops from ladders.
Russ used the skill set in this context and the ease that he completed both ladder drops belied his experience in doing them as he looked like he had always ridden them!
We ended our session there and retreated to the warming around the fire and a well deserved beer.
Great session!