Tim has been riding for years and got the skills session as a gift voucher. On meeting we discussed what he’d like to get from the session and what his aspirations were.
During the skills check I found some great habits that were only bogged down by some missing skills. After a skills correction and set up change things really took off, quite literally.
Once I had shown Tim why his natural push applied and where to look he really flew. The 3 drops all sailed by as he landed perfectly with his new body position and looking skills installed. I gave him four question to ask himself mentally when ever faced with something new and that made a big difference.

I worked on basic and advanced pumping techniques to connect Tim with the trails energy and we linked flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners to rock gardens, fly out jumps, steps and drops. As we moved down the trail working on the next section we added the previous ones and soon he began to really shift.

From the trail, we moved on to the tabletop and also the 6ft gap jump side too.
Here Tim used his mental skills again to sail over the tabletop and immediately the gap jump with a massive smile on his face, he had never jumped before!

Lastly we moved onto my pump and jump trail and applied his new pumping skills to generate speed to clear the 9ft tabletop that is 3 sections along the trail.
After a few runs Tim began to visually tire as he began to drain mentally so the session came to an end.
awesome session!